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Tip-Top ICB originated from the merged of Tip-Top Industry department Ertvelde

and ICB Technics Eeklo.


We are specialized in:

> Installing, delivering, vulcanizing and repairing conveyor belts.


> Industrial wear-resistant rubber coating for drums, silos ...

> Various forms of vulcanization: hot or cold.

> Maintenance and cleaning of conveyor belts.

TIP-TOP ICB nv, your partner for the transport, trading and storage of bulk and general cargo.

> Technical assistance and offering solutions against wear and tear, noise nuisance, caking, sticking, chemical corrosion ... (for example by on-site measuring and inventory of all conveyor belt installations, inspection visits, cleaning systems, screening machines and other installations).

> A complete range of vulcanization and repair materials, belt scrapers, wear-resistant industrial rubbers, ...

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> TIP-TOP ICB works closely with customers and develops technologically advanced, innovative and tailor-made solutions in the industrial sectors of material processing, surface protection and automation.

> Excellent know-how in materials and technology, TIP-TOP ICB offers the industry a wide range of solutions for the transport of general and bulk goods that operate in different climatic conditions.



Since the start, TIP-TOP ICB has applied the principle "Don't replace, but keep" and therefore focused on maintenance and repairs.


TIP-TOP ICB is the answer to a growing environmental awareness and sustainable efficiency.


0475 44 70 42

In addition to a broad product portfolio, TIP-TOP ICB offers an extensive service package.


Solutions for installation and maintenance of systems and tools.

TIP-TOP ICB offers services for all manufacturers and guarantees a 24/7 service for it's core markets.

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